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Our Story

We are project managers. We are in the business of assessing problems and creating beautiful solutions that bring ease to our clients' operations.  We pave the path for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses that need support to move to the next level. 

Notable's Founder

Meet Sarah

I created Notable Consulting after viewing the same pattern of frustrations and challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.

As an entrepreneur, I know the struggle to find time to create processes, automations and resiliency in an organization - and why these things are critical to success.

Notable Consulting

About Me.

I worked for nearly two decades in a corporate and not-for-profit setting in a variety of roles. I gained invaluable perspective on a variety of operations, from event services to sponsor relationship building, to vendor management and beyond. I left my career in December 2019, just before the onset of the pandemic because I wasn't able to balance my family and the demands of my career any longer. I chose to focus on my family.

When the pandemic hit, we struggled like so many other families. Suddenly, I was homeschooling my school-aged children, trying to meet the social needs of my toddler and struggling to figure out what I could do for work as the world slowly shut down.

I developed two pandemic-related businesses - garden box kits and treat boxes - which were so much fun. They filled a need that was brought on by the pandemic and I was so happy to be doing something that was well-received in the world. Plus, I had wonderful partners who I loved working with to bring the businesses to life.


As the world started to return to normal, the small businesses I had worked on faded and I experienced a level of burnout that I wasn't ready for. I didn't want to open my computer or think about what I might do next. I usually have a million different ideas running through my head but I couldn't string together anything creative or exciting. My tank was empty.

I realized that I had unresolved tension from years in a stressful career, raising a family and the effects of the secluded life we experienced as a result of the pandemic. I decided I needed to refocus and figure out what I am good at. I had been freelancing with clients for years, helping with communications, business development and strategic organization to make operations run smoother and more effectively. I realized that was my calling - solving problems for others.

My entire focus is on helping clients identify their problem areas in their business and developing solutions to those problems. But I don't stop there. I ensure that the solutions are carefully developed so that they are successful during implementation. I surround myself with incredibly talented and gifted professionals who bring creative and functional solutions to our work. It is truly magical.

I am mom to three amazing kids and partner to Roberto. We live in the beautiful Foothills of Alberta, Canada along with our three dogs, multiple chickens and hamster. When I'm not working, I love baking sourdough and other treats, working in the garden (I prefer flowers to vegetables!) and volunteering at my children's school. I love to travel and experience new cultures - and to practice my Spanish! I'm a lifelong learner and have completed several courses since I graduated from University with my degree in Political Science. I am currently finishing my PMP designation.

Notable Consulting
Notable Consulting

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