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What's Your Why?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

How discovering your why can be the most important thing you do.

I recently discovered Simon Sinek.

I was driving to pick up my middle son, Noah, from camp. Noah is 8 years old and wanted to go to sleep away camp because four of his buddies were also going. I didn’t sleep the entire week he was gone (pro tip - sleep away camps are harder as a parent than you think they will be!).

As my husband and two other kids slept in the car, I listened to a podcast from Scott Galloway (if you don’t listen to him or haven’t read his books, I highly recommend!). He was talking with Simon Sinek. I almost didn’t listen because I didn’t know who Sinek was and I wanted something engaging for my long, flat drive through the Alberta prairies.

I ended up listening and I’m so happy I did. I laughed. I cried. I felt inspired. Here’s the episode if you’re interested.

What resonated with me so much from this podcast was the discussion around the why. For those who already follow Sinek, you know his philosophy - start with the why. He talks about the golden circle with why in the middle, then how, then what. I’m only half way through his book, “Start with the Why” so I will spare you further notes on Sinek’s theory.

What is really important here is what the why meant for me and how I can help you find your why.

I started Notable because I saw so many talented entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and beyond who struggled to bring their vision to fruition because of relatively simple roadblocks, insecurities and unfocused energy. I lived that experience myself as a founder of small businesses throughout the pandemic.

I discovered that when someone was ready to confront whatever it was that was holding them back from success, I could help them build a plan that would guarantee success.

Success looks different for everyone. It may mean being able to take that vacation you need because we help develop SOPs that your team can use while you’re gone. It may be the development of a social media strategy that you just don’t have time to think about. It may be the creation of a website that is functional for you and your team.

Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all plans that force you into a commitment you’re not even sure is working. They are targeted, direct solutions for the issues you face. I guarantee that after working with us, you will feel lighter and more able to focus on the important parts of your work that require your attention.

If you’re looking for your why, or you’ve already found it and want to build your how and what, we’re here for you. Schedule a complimentary intro call - we’d love to be in touch.

Find more information on Simon Sinek here and more information about Scott Galloway here.


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